What is Agere? (Age Regression)

Agere on it's own is a coping mechanism in which you revert back to a childish state of mind. You think, act, observe, process, and feel as a childhood age. It is most common in trauma survivors, but is also present and used by people with other mental illnesses or disorders. Agere is a community, made up of age regressors, and people who simply take care of them while they are in this state of mind. It keeps them safe and feels just as being taken care of as a young child. It has no dom/sub dynamic, and focuses on the mental growth and recovery of the age regressor. There is no true power exchange established beforehand. Age regression is completely nonsexual, and does not fall under the kink or BDSM umbrella.

What is NOT age regression?

Please don't assume any of these things listed with age regression and please educate yourself on the subject. There's nothing wrong with asking questions!
• An aesthetic
• Acting/roleplaying
• Just enjoying childish things
• An excuse to participate in BDSM as a minor (Illegal by the way)
• DDLG/ABDL/Age play or anything associated with the BDSM community
• Sexual
• Something to be ashamed of

What it CAN be

Age regression can be many things for people and there's a variety of reasons why people may age regress. These are the most common things that people may use age regression for and they will always be valid!
• A defense mechanism
• A symptom of neurodivergence
• A coping mechanism to relieve stress
• A therapy technique to work through trauma
• A way to reclaim your childhood

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